This efficient, cost-effective service allows for streamlined accounts receivable processing. It reduces mail processing and accelerates your cash flow and, funds availability. Use our online lockbox to view deposited checks and accompanying correspondence on the same day the lockbox deposits are credited.

There are different types of Lockbox services designed to suit your company needs:

  • Wholesale Lockbox for business to business payments
  • Wholetail Lockbox for a mix of business to business and consumer to business payments
  • Medical Lockbox: Patient payment solutions for patient and/or guarantor level billing HIPPA/HITECH compliant platform.
  • Retail Lockbox for consumer to business payments

How Lockbox Service works:

  • Instruct your customers to mail in their payments directly to your designed P.O. Box (lockbox)
  • The mail is collected multiple times throughout the day
  • The mail is opened, sorted, captured, and deposited
  • If desired, the deposits are digitally captured and can be viewed online the same day

Processing Sites:

  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Atlanta

Access your Lockbox Account

For more information on CTBC Bank Lockbox Services, please email:
TMCSupport@ctbcbankusa.com or call 1-888-889-8369