Our Mortgage Solutions Are A Dream Come True

CTBC Bank knows everyone has a dream home in mind. We have mortgage programs that can help you make that dream a reality.

When purchasing your very first home, our specialized programs can provide valuable resources to fit your needs. We also have workshops available to answer questions you might have about purchasing and owning a home.

When your family is growing and you're ready for a bigger house or you plan to purchase a vacation home, it’s time to speak to us about CTBC Bank programs that can help with your financing needs.

If you or your family need to relocate to the U.S. because of work, school, or business expansion into the U.S. and you need to purchase a home, CTBC Bank understands the challenges involved in applying for credit in a new country. CTBC Bank has specific programs to help to turn your “dream” into a reality by taking your global credit history and assets into account during the loan qualification process.

CTBC Bank Mortgage Programs1

Our mortgage programs are good for purchase, refinancing, and cash-out refinancing

CTBC Bank understands that every borrower has different financing needs. We have specially design mortgage programs that work just for you.

CTBC Bank Portfolio Program
CTBC Bank's Portfolio Program for your home purchase or mortgage loan refinancing can help when your loan amount is greater than conforming loan limits.

Conventional Fixed Rate Program
Our Conventional Fixed Rate Program is a streamlined mortgage process. This fixed rate program gives you the ability to lock in a long-term interest rate and give you peace of mind. Mortgage insurance is not required for this program.

First Time Home Buyer Program (FTHB Program)
CTBC Bank is here to help you achieve a major life milestone – purchasing your first home. Our FTHB program requires only a reduced down-payment so you can use your extra funds to help pay for closing costs. FTHB is currently available in California, New York, and New Jersey.

1See a Mortgage Loan Officer for complete details and a copy of all disclosures.

Added Benefits

Early Start Pre-qualification Request2
Upon receipt of a completed application for a mortgage loan, CTBC Bank can provide you with an early start pre-qualification request for a mortgage loan to assist you in shopping for a home.

If you are having financial difficulty
If you are struggling to make your mortgage payments – or you’ve missed payments – please contact CTBC Bank, Loan Services Department. It’s critical to keep the lines of communication open when you’re trying to resolve issues with your account. If you have difficulty reaching or working with the bank, call 1-888-995-HOPE for free personalized advice from housing counseling agencies certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This national hotline – open 24/7 – is operated by the Homeownership Preservation Foundation, a nonprofit member of the HOPE NOW Alliance of mortgage industry members and HUD-certified counseling agencies. For free guidance online, visit  http://www.hopenow.com

Automatic Payment
To make your mortgage loan payments safer and easier, we can set up Automatic Payments from your CTBC Bank account. This means you won't need to make extra trips to the bank or post office or worry about making payments while you are traveling.

To learn more about mortgage loan programs, speak to our Mortgage Loan Officers today at your nearest CTBC Bank branch.

2Subject to credit approval.