Personal Internet Banking

At CTBC Bank, we understand that everyone is unique, and with unique banking needs. Our internet banking offers you secure and convenient access to your personal accounts 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Enjoy the freedom to choose your own banking hours and enjoy greater control of your finances.

  • Bill Pay - conveniently pay credit card bills, mortgage installments and utility bills online with the feature of receiving electronic monthly billing statements.
  • Account to Account Transfer - Transfer money between CTBC deposit accounts and accounts you hold at other institutions. 1
  • Popmoney ® - Popmoney is a fast, easy, secure way to send and receive money directly to or from anyone via an account number, an email address or a mobile phone number - making it just as easy to pay an individual as it is to pay a bill.2

    1 Fees may apply.
    2 Popmoney Fee Schedule:
    Transaction Amount$1.00 - $249.99$250.00 - $999.99$1,000.00 and above
    Send Money - 3 Days FreeFreeFree
    Send Money - Next Day$0.85$1.00$2.00
    Request Money - 3 Days FreeFreeFree

Mobile Banking

You can download the free CTBC Bank mobile banking app or use your web-enabled smart phone to enjoy banking wherever you are. It's fast, easy and secure:

  • Real-time banking details wherever you are.
  • Manage, move and monitor your money directly from your phone.