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Yield Solutions

Sweep Services

The CTBC Bank Cash Sweep puts your cash to work and maximizes your earnings by automatically transferring funds from your business checking account(s) into an interest-bearing account or commercial line of credit. Excess funds above a predetermined threshold are automatically transferred on a daily basis after all transactions have been posted to your checking account. Maximize the interest earned by investing excess funds and minimize the interest paid by borrowing only the cash you need.

  • Commercial Loan Sweep
    Based on the target balance on your business checking account, excess funds are automatically transferred to pay down your commercial line of credit.

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中國信託銀行提供「現金結算服務」(Sweep services),可自動從您名下(多個)商業支票帳戶,轉帳到計息帳戶內,活化您的現金流,為您聰明獲得最大收益。每天一次,當所有交易都已過帳到您的支票帳戶之後,只要超過預先設定的條件,多餘資金就會自動轉帳。利用此項交易,您可以經由將多餘資金轉為投資而賺取最大收益,或是機動調整實際所需借貸現金而降低利息支出。

  • 商業貸款用途的現金結算
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中国信托银行提供「现金结算服务」(Sweep services),可自动从您名下(多个)商业支票账户,转账到计息账户内,活化您的现金流,为您聪明获得最大收益。 每天一次,当所有交易都已过帐到您的支票账户之后,只要超过预先设定的条件,多余资金就会自动转账。 利用此项交易,您可以经由将多余资金转为投资而赚取最大收益,或是机动调整实际所需借贷现金而降低利息支出。

  • 商业贷款用途的现金结算



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